We are Liverpool.

Rather more than a quarter of a century has passed since the last time our beloved club were the number one power in this country. What a cataract of disaster has poured out upon us since then! Meanwhile in the last few years, we have not only fortified our hearts but our Anfield also. We […]

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This means more…..

  Liverpool Premier league champions 20018/19…. Liverpool FA Cup/League cup (or what ever its called now) winners 2018/19…. Liverpool spend millions and retain a place in top 4…. 2018/19 season is going to be massive one way or another for us Liverpool fans who have seen the rise and fall of the Red empire. I’m […]

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Fekir off? We’re coming home

  As I sit here pondering the complexity of life, I’m waiting for a couple of things to happen, one is the start of the World Cup in Russia. Not that I’m that bothered about who wins or am I really bothered about the inevitable demise of England and the usual excuses of how they […]

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Champions League final, yes let that sink in for a minute. I’ll say it again The Champions League Final on Saturday is the culmination of a “All Inclusive” season. A few songs have sprung up over the past months here’s one that I felt wasn’t given a chance due to the much stolen Allez Allez […]

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Another big one?

Well who would have predicted this as our final game of the season? Our main aim for this season was champions league qualification. We achieved this with a little stutter over the finishing line (well we are Liverpool aren’t we). We as supporters have been treated to such exciting stuff this season with a few […]

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Allez Les Rouge……

Never before have I seen such fission for a European Cup match, well I say never before, what I actually mean is never before have I written a blog about a European quarter final. Let me take you back 41 years to March 16th 1977. A little matter of a third round (quarter final) in […]

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The run in…..

So as the season draws to its climax, or anticlimax if you support “the people’s club” who were by the way, going to dominate Merseyside this season. Yes we all remember Richard Keys saying this (after 5 to many double whiskey’s). Now with only 7 league matches to go, we are in very strong contention […]

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